Itching Feet

Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Itching Feet, But Were Afraid to Ask

We all occasionally get itching feet.  Usually this is no big deal.  But if you find that you are getting very strong itching and that this lasts for a very long time, you want to see what you can do about it.

Itching feet can be the beginning of more serious conditions like athlete’s foot and sometimes even infection.

Causes of Foot Problems

Perhaps the central cause of problems is moisture combined with lack of fresh air.  Our feet were not really designed for shoes.  Our ancestors, of course, ran barefoot across the African plains chasing down animals.  New evolutionary studies have shown that one of our central adaptations was not just opposable thumbs and higher intelligence but the ability to run long distances without tiring.  Although most other four-legged animals have a distinct advantage over us in terms of speed and often strength, they were forced because of the fur to rest after short bursts of high-speed running. So our ancestors would track them down, sweating off the excess heat, and get them when they were too tired to keep running.

And they did all of this barefoot.  Now, my point is not that you should get your spear and go running out the door barefoot.  The dangers to your feet are far different in the urban jungle of the modern city than they were on the ancestral plains of the Serengeti.   Our ancestors did not have to deal with broken glass or hot black top.

But in terms or our feet, what you have to remember is that in its enclosed space, inside of its sock and sneaker, the foot is a sweaty stew of pollutants.  What we used to sweat off is trapped by the modern day tennis shoe. 

One of the greatest dangers to your feet is the warm sweaty moisture created by your own sweat.  This is a breeding ground for bacteria that can lead to nasty foot problems.  Itching feet is one way your body may have of telling you, you may be walking into bigger problems. So what to do?

Preventing Itching Feet and Other Problems

The number one thing that you can do to keep your feet healthy is to keep them dry.  If you are going to work out or play a game of hoops with your friends, take a pair of dry, clean socks along with you for afterwards.  If you do a lot of walking for job try to wear sandals and if this not possible because of either dress code or the prevention of injury, have a couple of different changes of socks with you and put talcum powder in your shoes to prevent wetness in the first place.

Also, look to take your shoes off when possible.  Some people find it very comfortable, for example, to drive barefoot.  This is ideal if you do a lot of country driving where you don’t need to be constantly manipulating the pedals.  If you are doing a lot of city driving, take your lunch outside and relax with your shows off for a bit.  This airing out of your feet can be very therapeutic and prevent you from getting itching feet.  Be sure, however, to thoroughly dry your feet before putting your shoes back on or you may just exacerbate you problems.

If Itching Feet Lead to Athlete’s Foot

If however, despite your attempts at prevention you still end up with athlete’s foot, treat it as soon as possible to avoid this becoming a real problem.  Whatever you do, be sure not to itch an infected foot.  If you break the skin between your toes this can quickly become a site for infection and further complications.  Then you really won’t have a leg to stand on.