Excessive Itching

Primary Reasons People Experience Excessive Itching

Excessive itching could be caused by any number of things, some that are simple and some indicators of something serious going on inside the body.  In addition to health concerns, excessive itching is also frustrating and annoying.  In fact, in severe cases, itching can be so bad it is almost painful.  With this, people will begin to dig, trying to find relief at any cost and as a result, the skin becomes torn, it bleeds, and infection can set in.

We wanted to provide some of the primary reasons for excessive itching although this list of possibilities is not all-inclusive.  Of course, if a person has this type of problem but anti-itch creams and antihistamines are not providing relief, it would be time to be seen by a doctor.  A good rule of thumb is that if excessive itching lasts longer than three days, medical intervention is needed.  Although the family doctor would be seen first, if he or she feels it necessary, the individual might be recommended to a dermatologist.

  • Allergies – One of the first culprits of excessive itching is allergies.  This could be a reaction to poison ivy or poison oak, eating the wrong type of food, such as shellfish, nuts, and fish, dyes or fragrances of laundry detergent, etc.  Identifying things that cause allergic reaction and eliminating them would cause the itching to cease.
  • Medication – Some people experience itching associated with medication.  This is another type of allergy and every person has a different reaction.  With thousands of medications being prescribed, it would be too difficult to list them all but examples include morphine, E-Mycin, antibiotics such as penicillin, and even aspirin.
  • Disease – Sometimes, people dealing with a serious liver or kidney problem will also experience excessive itching.  In this case, the doctor would run a series of tests to identify the problem so proper treatment could be provided.  Other diseases that often result in itching include anemia, thyroid, diabetes, and even some types of cancer.
  • Sun Exposure – Even spending too much time in the sun can cause itching.  Usually, this would affect people with fair skin although too much sun for anyone could cause problems.
  • Insect Bites – Of course, being bitten by mosquitoes and other insects also causes excessive itching.  Usually, over-the-counter treatments will help and the itching generally goes away in about three to four days.
  • Vaginal Itching – If excessive itching is in the vaginal area, this could be from a number of things.  It could be the result of a yeast infection, herpes, crabs, fungal infection, or a variety of sexually transmitted diseases.  Anytime excessive itching is in the vaginal area, it should be treated by a doctor.  The reason is that most things that cause itching in this area will not go away without antibiotics and prescription creams.  Then, if the itching is the result of a yeast infection or fungal infection, or a sexually transmitted disease, additional health risks exist.
  • Environment – People can also experience excessive itching because of the environment.  For instance, if someone lives in a hot city, especially one with high humidity, the sweat irritates the skin.  Additionally, if a person lives in a city with a high pollution level, this too could be the cause of the itching.
  • Stress – In some cases, people are highly sensitive to stress and the body responds by developing a rash or itching.  For this, eliminating the stress and doing things to prevent it would also take care of the itching.  As an example, when someone becomes stressed from work, it might be time to find a different job.  If this were not a possibility, then going for a walk or run, working out at the gym, swimming, bike riding, martial arts, or some other activity could help reduce stress levels.